Cogent's Fintech Structure can:

  • Secures the return all or a portion (at investors discretion) of invested capital
  • Especially important consideration for retirement, 401(k) and Self Directed IRA investors seeking higher returns and opportunities with development stage companies of tomorrow.
Financial Services Firms
  • Provides a funding relationship that facilitates IB and Consulting Assignments
  • Strategically facilitate access to capital for financial intermediaries
  • Allows individual and institutional investors to hedge existing positions against long term losses
  • Capital preservation strategies for hedge funds, private equity, and family office investors
Portfolio Companies
  • Potential to structure self liquidating secured and unsecured debt transactions
  • Potential to reduce equity dilution and provide funding capital for equity buyouts
  • Risk mitigation for friend and family capital and early stage investments
Non-Profit Organizations
  • Potential to build organization endowment funds
  • Capital Preservation Structure for investment by endowments
  • Potential to build endowments using self liquidating, non-recourse debt structures