To provide investors with socially responsible impact investment opportunities that result in beneficial change in the lives of people, communities and the environment, and which allow them to attain above attractive investment returns.


Transparency, Accountability, and Independent Reporting are key operating principles benefitting investors and companies alike. These values are built into our (1) our underwriting, extensive due diligence and operating procedures; (2) the independent accounting and service providers engaged to assure timely, accurate, and unbiased reporting; and (3) financing structures secure investor capital and minimize downside risks.


We strongly believe that beneficial change for people, communities and the environment must be sustainable, and that organizations (companies and nonprofits) need to be self supporting to fulfill their missions – they must at some point generate revenue, excess cash flow, and sustainable value to constituents, investors, and supporters.


Cogent is comprised of seasoned, interdisciplinary business and investment managers and advisors with over $1 billion of transactional funding and over 130 years of collective executive, operations, financial and sales/marketing experience across a broad range of industries, including: agriculture and food; financial services,  healthcare and medical devices, products, and services; real estate, technology, and renewable energy.