Capital Preservation Strategies and Structures

Cogent has developed an investment methodlogy that can secure all or part of an investment against potental loss or dimunition in value. As a result, we are able to implement capital structures that reduce risks and volatility, protect against downside losses, while generating attractive yields.

Investment Structure
  1. We collateralize the return of invested capital irrespective of the performance of Cogent or its portfolio companies.
  2. A portion of each investment is allocated to acquire hedge assets that mature for up to 100% of the original investment.
  3. Cogent intends to utilize insurance-based securities issued by American insurance companies rated “A-” or better by Standard & Poor’s.
  4. Investment upside is generated by the performance of portfolio companies and maturity of the hedge assets.
  5. Our structure assures that the worst-case scenario for any investor is the return of originally invested capital.; and creates a self-liquidating transaction for the issuer.
Investor Benefits

Investors can substantailly mitigate investment and operating risks in virtually any investment while advancing opportunities for attractive long-term risk adjusted Returns on Investment (ROI) and Annualized Returns (IRR).

Benefits to Portfolio Companies

Cogent’s structures and strategies enable companies and potential investors to calibrate and mitigate financial and operating risks; reduce their overall costs of capital, reduce equity dilution, fund subsequent financing rounds, and create self-liquidatiing repayment transactions.

Non-Profits, Foundations, and Triple Bottom Line Investing
Cogent can help non-profit organizations to build sustainable endowments from charitable contributions and fund self liquidating loans to support operations that preserve their capacity for service and giving, and expand opportunities for financial support.